A modular jet system

One propulsion module – five products

Spontaneous high-speed spins, laid-back cruises, eye-opening undersea dives... The revolutionary design approach behind mo-jet opens the door to an all-new water sport experience.

While previous e-jetboards have been limited to a single purpose due to their static shape, attaching a different module to mo-jet is quick and easy – and it’s possible right there on the water. Whether it’s racing, gliding, bodyboarding, or diving beneath the surface, mo-jet is versatile enough to offer the utmost in riding enjoyment in a wide variety of conditions and environments.

Besides being easy to use, the modularity of mo-jet’s design significantly reduces manufacturing costs compared to other, more conventional e-jetboards. At the same time, it’s capable of generating more sales per customer: Since they cost less than individual boards, users typically purchase several different modules. The modular concept also supports the claim to handle raw materials with care.

Modulares Konzept

Unparalleled performance, intuitive handling

Up to 65 km/h, 11 kW jet output, 0-50 km/h in 2.8 seconds: In terms of acceleration, top speed, and turning speed, mo-jet is currently the fastest e-jetboard in series production on the market.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, optimized center of gravity, and user-friendly handheld controller, even beginners can figure out their own way to ride in no time. Attaching the modules also takes just seconds, and their small size makes them easy to transport in a luggage compartment. In addition, mo-jet is light enough to carry to the water without any assistance or additional accessories.

Its base riding time (30-45 min.) can be extended as long as the user wishes with swappable batteries. Finally, mo-jet's jet propulsion system requires no maintenance.

  • Fast
  • Modular
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Variable

Outstanding market prospects

We estimate that the annual global demand for new e-jetboards amounts to approximately 200,000 units. Meanwhile, the trend in e-jetboard sales over the past three years indicates that these devices are penetrating the market faster than jet-skis did at the beginning of their boom in the early 1990s.

Potential market size1

Riding enjoyment worldwide – greater usage potential than jet-skis

There reasons why mo-jet surpasses the usage potential of jet-skis many times over are simple:

  • A much improved sensory experience makes riding mo-jet more fun
  • Greater mobility and increased/faster access to the water
    (Avg. jet-ski weight = 250 kg, plus trailer | mo-jet = 39 kg, up to 1.8 m long)
  • No (or fewer) emissions restrictions apply (CO2, noise)
  • Maintenance-free jet propulsion system
  • E-mobility is contemporary and trendy

mo-jet: Usage Potential

International connections and years of market experience

Based on their previous work, our founders have long-standing industry contacts in core regions (Mediterranean, Caribbean, Middle East) and with specialized domestic retailers (Europe, USA, Canada). Our target groups also include beach rental businesses and yacht outfitters.

Alongside our network of specialized dealers, mo-jet will be sold directly to customers through an online configurator and accessory service.

Our company also exhibits at industry-relevant trade fairs and other renowned international events.

The starting capital of Jetworx GmbH was based on the successful sale of 39% of the shares in Watercrafts Germany GmbH (formerly Curf Technology GmbH), which the founders built from 2017 to 2019.


Investors Contact:
Benjamin Köhnsen
Mail: hello@mo-jet.net


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